Video Productions

Show the world.

Our clients use video as a means to communicate to others on the web, usually to display a craft. Videos are a great media tool to promote yourself accross the internet. Have us put your videos on a dvd and properly packaged, with inserts and cd labels.

Using high definition digital quality, we can create engaing motion graphics. All videos are orginally created to fit the unique needs of our customers. We help design videos that reflect the needs of our clients.

Service List

Video Producing
Storyboarding / Writing
HD (High Definition) Filming
Widescreen 16:9 - 1080p or 1080i
Video and Audio Editing
Graphics, Backgrounds and Titles
Post Productions
DVD Packaging
Inserts and DVD Labels
Menu and Navigation
Disc Burning and Packaging

Additional Services

Youtube Channel and Uploading
Website Embeding

Youtube Channels

Jayne Duryea's Channel
Jayne Duryea Youtube Channel

George West Storyfest Channel
George West Storyfest Youtube Channel

Our Clients

Three Rivers Salsafest

Deep Connection to Nature

Miss Western Week


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